Our idea, help for self-help .....

Aid for firefighters is a non-profit organization that is committed to promote, support and, if necessary, restore preventive and protective fire protection in developing countries.
The association bears on the one hand about membership fees and on the other hand about material donations of stored but still usable firefighting material from the stock of private and public fire brigades.

On-site support includes renewed service and ensuring proper use by training local staff.
In doing so, we are guided by the firefighting training regulations that have been tried and tested for decades and which, thanks to their permanent adaptation to new operating conditions, are modern, understandable and practical.
In the case of firefighting material and devices for technical assistance, we restrict ourselves exclusively to DIN material in order to be lean but efficient in the maintenance and the necessary stocking of spare parts.
If necessary, we draw up, together with the local authorities, alarm and evacuation plans, develop fire protection concepts and are otherwise available with our expertise for all questions of preventive and protective fire protection.
Ultimately, the association wants to work with local authorities / government to ensure the social security of firefighters and their families

We not only want to bring our material to people, but also to impart the associated know-how to them.